S.E.E.N.A - Students' Educational Entrepreneurship in Novel Areas

Thank you Darsana and team for designing this Waste to Wealth Project at your Ideation Session at Nirmala Higher Secondary School, Aluva.

Step One

The Computer Department shall Collect "Expression of Interest" in writing / email / wiki page from Students, Staff and Alumni of Sacred Heart College, Thevara and Nirmala Higher Secondary School, Aluva.

A student who wishes to contribute to the Waste to Wealth Project shall
  • Have a family discussion about "Waste to Wealth", get approval of the family to set up a Bio-gas Production Unit that converts food waste to organic manure and bio-gas. SHC will source it from Social Welfare Centre

  • Meet at least five neighbours and invite them to contribute their food waste to the Bio-gas Production Unit set up at the student's home compound. The name and telephone number of the nighbours shall be given in the Expression Of Interest so that the College Authorities can confirm and ensure the neighbour's participation.

  • Payback the cost of the unit in installments so that the college can spread the activity wider, to perpetuate this activity through other schools, colleges and various social and corporate entities

Step Two

  • eBalajanasakhyam will submit this project to Surya TV for inclusion of students at their world famous "Deal or No Deal" game

  • Participate effectively in the game to earn maximum benefit for Waste to Wealth project.

  • Actively promote the project so that Surya TV and other entities complementing this program gets global promotion

Step Three

  • Use funds from "Deal or No Deal" as Start-up Capital to issue Bio-gas plants student activists.

  • Monitor, motivate and support the team to make the project a resounding global environmental project with participation of Global Environmental Groups, Trans-National Players.

The Waste to Wealth Project will be managed by a Committee comprising Schools & Colleges Alumni, Participant Students, Parent Teacher Associations and the College & School authorities.

Students who take part at "Deal or No Deal" will be selected by drawing lots from the names of those who have pledged their commitment on their Expression of Interest.

Step Four

  • Student members of eBalajanasakhyam and teachers of eSchool Kerala shall show-case the Waste to Wealth project on global stage using Internet Video: YouTube, Slide Shows, Blogs, Wikis and Social Networking Channels so that Surya TV and our Sponsors benefit.

  • Particpants will be trained on Web 2.0, Wiki Editing Skills and Social Marketing by the Computer Department of respective schools and colleges to empower the participants use Social Software and integrate other schools, colleges, corporates and social entities into this exemplary project.

The following Student Power Groups at Sacred Heart College, Thevara will take proactive action to make this a grand success.
  1. National Cadet Corps
  2. National Service Scheme
  3. Centre for Consultance and Extension Services
  4. Campus Ministry
  5. Career Guidance
  6. Career Academic and Personal Counselling
  7. Quality Assurance Cell
  8. Placement Cell
  9. Youth Red Cross, International Red Cross
  10. AICUF
  11. Womens Cell
  12. Nature Club
  13. Tourism Club

Benefits to students

  • This activity develops entrepreneurship, social activism and experiential learning. Students become highly employable by practising what they learned. Besides Literacy and Numeracy, you need 'Operacy (read streetsmart) skills. The project envisages Educational Valufacture (manufacturing values for education) to empower society.

  • Freshers' Experience comes from employment. But employment is given only to the experienced, not to freshers. The Volunteering activity develops team work, social inclusion, sense of self respect and achievement motivation.

  • Activists here will lead new ventures set up at other schools and colleges.