Santa Cruz School, Fort Cochin, my Alma Mater is a heritage school. It is situated beside Santa Cruz Cathedral . It was established by Jesuit priests in 1505.
The school has a Peace Monument, constructed in 1818.
On the 100th Anniversary of the Monument Day, Joslien, Sunny and I decided to volunteer our services to Santa Cruz School to get her back to her glory during the good old days. We made a Monumental Promise...

The more the merrier. We decided to support Janamaithri Police in their Anti Drug Abuse Campaign. The school has Student Police Cadets, a ready resource for active social contributions.

Santa Cruz students shall be sent on a cultural exchange to Malaysia. Veronica Woo, a member of Hello Little World Skypers had visited Kerala last month. She is interested in connected learning with students of Santa Cruz.

Connected learning activities of Santa Cruz has to have global standards. I plan to link back the school's connected learning with CLASS: Connected Learning Activities through Social Service.